I’m Just Here for the Food: Daikokuya

After hearing all the hype, I just had to come and check out Daikokuya for myself.

Daikoku Ramen is, in a word, perfect.

Daikoku Ramen is, in a word, perfect.

The friend who recommended it to me told me that I had to get the combination, which comes with Daikoku Ramen and another dish from a list of options. I opted for the Pork Cutlet and my friend got the Tuna Sashimi Bowl.

The cutlet wasn’t the greatest – it was rather soggy with sauce, unlike the rice, which was hardly sauced at all.

The sashimi was decent – I mean, it’s sashimi – all you do is cut it, really. Once again, too much rice.

But the ramen – oh, the ramen.

Nuts to the combo – all I need is the ramen from now on! It’s perfectly cooked and the broth is perfectly seasoned and comes with a perfectly-done soft-boiled egg and some perfectly-tender pork belly. And the portion is perfectly ginormous.

In a word: perfect.

I’ll definitely be back for a huge bowl of ramen on a cold day.

327 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-1680

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