I’m Just Here for the Food: Daily Grill

daily grill

Looks so promising, right? Well, you might be paying just to look.

Daily Grill. What do I think of you? The food here isn’t AWFUL, I suppose. What I really want to know is: Why is it so darned expensive???

I found the food to be pretty bland; I used to work in the area, so I’d often come here for lunch with coworkers or subcontractors. I’ve had a bunch of their salads — nothing really wowed me.

If atmosphere is more important to you than taste, then you might like it here. The atmosphere is very professional — a lot of work lunches go on here.

Me, I like to eat tasty food. Especially if I’m paying more than fast food prices for it.

Five Months Later:

After my initially dismal review of the Daily Grill, I somehow got on their mailing list, and they sent me a birthday certificate good for $15.

Since it was going to be free, I decided that I’d give it another go.

I went on a Saturday — the place was nice and empty (as stated before, most of the patrons are conducting work lunches, which generally don’t happen on Saturdays).

The best part of my dining experience was definitely the waitress. She was professional, but friendly; observant, but not overbearing.

After ordering a drink (I had a hankering for a Diet Coke! So sue me!), I perused the menu to mull my options for how to spend the rest of my $15. To my dismay, I found that my options were limited.

My drink cost $2.50. Most of the menu items were cutting it pretty close to $12.50, if they weren’t way over that.

You know what I ended up getting in the end? A SOUP AND SALAD COMBO. That’s right, a freakin’ SOUP AND SALAD COMBO. It cost $10.95.

Iceberg lettuce

Would you pay $10.95 for this?

I got the DAILY GRILL CHOPPED SALAD. Basically, it was just some chopped up iceberg lettuce, halved cherry tomatoes, chopped green onions, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles (and not much cheese, either), and bleu cheese dressing (which was admittedly pretty yum). It was pretty good, for a chopped iceberg salad, but at the end of the day, it’s a CHOPPED ICEBERG SALAD. How do they justify charging $10.95? I could make it at home for less than $5!

And the portion was okay — I was able to finish that and the soup. I felt pretty full, but for $10.95, I expect some leftovers.

Also included in that $10.95 was a supremely unimpressive Manhattan clam chowder. It was basically a tomato broth with a few sad, little clams thrown in. Seriously, the tomato basil soup at the Corner Bakery is heartier.

Once again, though, I have to give them props on their excellent service, clean interior, and proximity to local businesses.

But there’s just no way that I can personally justify paying that much money for okay food.

You can bet that they won’t see me again until my next $15 birthday certificate, that’s for sure.

Daily Grill
2636 Dupont Drive, Suite 70
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 474-2223

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