Olive Yu: Chapters 18-21

So, NaNoWriMo is finally over.

Unfortunately, OYMAS is not.

But, fortunately, I was still able to hit 50,000 words before midnight last night.

Unfortunately, I was pasting in my final word count, but I goofed and only pasted the last chapter. So instead of going from 49,381 words to 51,189 words, I got flushed down to 1,981 instead.

Fortunately, the lovely people at NaNo understand what it’s like to function on a fried brain at midnight on November 30th after a month of feverish writing. They manually updated my word count to 51,189.

Which means that I am a:


Thanks to everyone who’s been reading these. Thanks to everyone who’s been commenting on them — which really only pertains to my friend Rosie, who is special and gets them e-mailed directly to her.

Anyway, if you have been reading and like what you’ve seen so far, rest assured that Chapter 21 is not the end. I figure I’ve got four or five chapters left to go before this is over — six, if I decide to do the epilogue.

So, for those who care, here are the results of my marathon writing session this weekend:

Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21

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