Whew, I’m Back.

Okay, so it’s not like I have a huge readership, but I still feel that I owe the two or three of you regular readers an explanation for my unexpected and unannounced hiatus from the blog.

1. I wanted to take a short break after NaNoWriMo and it just got away from me.
2. I ended up having to work on this crazy project (this, this, and this, to be specific) and it totally devoured all my free time for, like, three weeks.
3. A close friend experienced a particularly traumatic family tragedy and I just had to be there for her.

But I've been thinking about you, reader(s), and I'm coming back to you.

Please open up those lovin' arms and watch out — here I come.


  1. thekimfam Said:

    haha, do i count as one of the exclusive three???

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