I’m Just Here for the Food: Pho Vinam

“I’m from Denver.” from John 8Asians on Vimeo.

And that’s what I think of now every time I think of pho. If you don’t already, watch “Modern Family”. IMMEDIATELY!!


Confession: I like pho.

I don’t love pho. I don’t hate it. I’ve always kinda just thought it was good, but that it would never be my favorite thing to eat.

I will admit, however, that it can be very satisfying on a rainy day.

And it was a very rainy day when I stumbled into Pho Vinam.

I didn’t want to go in at first because it only had three stars on Yelp! But I was determined to have soup because it was raining (I’m a little OCD about that), and the Thai place we tried to go to first was closed.

So I decided to risk it and bravely made my way to Pho Vinam.

The interior is pretty standard for a pho place — a few booths, but mostly tables, with the requisite sriracha and hoisin acting as a savory centerpiece.

I ordered the rare steak pho, which is a standard order for me.

The food was done quickly. I ate and was satisfied.

The broth was pretty good — flavorful and not too watery. They gave me lots of sprouts and cilantro and onions to add. There was plenty of steak — maybe more than I’d ever had at any other pho place.

And the kicker was that it was so cheap. Less than five dollars!

I left extremely satisfied. I got my soup fix, and I was actually shocked that Pho Vinam only had three stars on Yelp!

So, Pho Vinam, here’s something to get you one star closer to where you deserve.

Pho Vinam
1201 University Ave #107
Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 784-4290


  1. I LOVE Pho!

    OneVietnam has a pho article! http://talk.onevietnam.org/pho

    • Thanks for the link, Isabella — I drooled enough to fill that giant pho bowl while I was reading it.


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