I’m Just Here for the Food: Taco Sinaloa

NOTE: I wrote this review back in August, before Book Bloggy Blogg was born. But it’s the Review of the Day on Yelp today, so I thought I’d post it to the blog to celebrate. 🙂

A picture is worth a thousand words. This one is telling you that I'm drooling right now.

True fans of great hole-in-the-wall Mexican food know that the cheesiness of the décor and the cleanliness of the interior are usually inversely related to the quality of the food.

Heck, sometimes, even the quality of the food is inversely related to the flavor of the food.

I love that Taco Sinaloa is unapologetically small and dingy. They know that the true connoisseurs will be back for the unapologetically rockin’ tacos.

I had the ceviche tostada the first time I visited this restaurant. It was decent. But then I returned a second time for the real draw — the tacos.

I had the carnitas, al pastor, and carne asada tacos. This is the taco trio I get at every taco place to gauge the quality of the restaurant. Trust me, if they mess up any of these three, they’re not worthy of your business.

Their tacos are flavorful and the meat is actually tender — when it comes to carne asada, that can be hard to do.

I wouldn’t quite put it up there with El Taurino or King Taco, but it’s certainly a worthy alternative when you don’t want to drive all the way to LA.

Taco Sinaloa
1647 W Carson St
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 328-4208


  1. Sad that all the Mexican food places you review are far…I drool everytime you post taco pictures.

  2. Jonny Cottone Said:

    Have you checked out twiddish, the social network for foodies that all about the dish.? http://www.twiddish.com or http://www.twd.sh.

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