Regular Read: Everest, Book One: The Contest by Gordon Korman

The Contest (Everest, Book 1) The Contest by Gordon Korman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
After my last experience with Gordan Korman, I was a little wary wading into this series. But my sister, who is obsessed with Everest insisted that I give it a try, so I picked it up one day.

Boy, oh, boy, is Gordon Korman back. His Everest trilogy reminded me that, despite his missteps, Korman can weave a pretty fantastic story when he wants.

The plot revolves around thirteen-year-old Dominic Alexis, a young climber whose brother Chris is the second-ranked young mountaineer in the world. He wins a contest that gives him the chance to go to a boot camp where he will compete with nineteen other people, including his brother, to become one of the youngest people ever to summit Everest.

Korman does a great job with the training scenes and with building up a rivalry between Dominic and Tilt Crowley, the camp bully. He did a good job of building the dynamics between the contestants as well as their individual personalities. He also gives the reader the perspective of the expedition leader, veteran climber Cap Cicero. He moves between different characters’ perspectives with relative ease and the story flows quickly and naturally.

And what a story! I’m thirty-two, out of shape, and afraid of heights, and reading this book made me want to train for Everest. If I did, it would probably look something like this, but with climbing instead of skiing:

(Sorry, but WordPress won’t let me embed the only full clip of the montage I was able to find. You can watch it here, though.)

I do enjoy a good adventure/survival story, and Korman came blazing back in my personal opinion with this li’l trilogy.

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