I’m Just Here for the Food: Van’s Restaurant

Banh Xeo

Weeeell, at least it tasted good...

I didn’t plan to visit Van’s. My friends and I had actually planned to eat at Brodard, but it was closed, and someone suggested Van’s as an alternative. Since it was nearby, we all agreed to go.

Before we ordered, someone warned the rest of us, “Be sure to get the crêpes (banh xeo, if you want to be specific) or something that someone else has ordered before. Their other stuff isn’t that great.” Foreshadowing, YAY!!

I ordered the shaking beef, which another second-time visitor recommended. Actually, everyone got either crêpes or shaking beef because our friend’s warning freaked us out.

When our food came out, it smelled great. I tried some of somebody’s crêpe, and it was fantastic!

I also got my beef and started tucking in. Since we’d all gotten our food except for one guy, he just told us to get started because he was sure his food would come out soon.

His food didn’t come out soon, and we had to flag down two waiters, one of whom actually came back to refill our water glasses without a word, before we finally got someone to bring his food out. That was a minus point for service.

And that’s right about when I saw it.

A hair. In my rice. I called over the waiter, who was very apologetic and said he’d bring out a new one.

Padma Lakshmi

Why is it that hair is so beautiful when it's attached to your head, but the second it detaches, it's disgusting?

Hairs happen; I usually don’t sweat it when I find a hair in my food; I just send it back and give the restaurant a chance to make it up to me.

They brought me out a new dish, piping hot. The waiter then told me that the cook said that it wasn’t really a hair; it was part of the beef.

Now, call me crazy, but I’ve never seen beef with silver hairs in it or on it. So, unless they’re butchering their own cows in the back, I’m not buying that. Also, the hair was in my rice, so riddle me that, Batman.

The Riddler

It's not funny.

But the poor guy was trying to be nice, and it wasn’t really his fault, so I smiled, and tried to give it another go. I got about for or five bites in before I saw another hair. This time, it was in the beef.

At that point, I was done.

Now, it could very well be that it was just a tainted batch of rice or a bad day, but I don’t plan to go back. The crêpes were excellent, and so was the beef until I found the hair, but my experience sucked. So you can chance it if you like, but I’m steering clear.

Van’s Restaurant
14122 Brookhurst Street
Westminster, CA 92843
(714) 530-6858

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