I’m Just Here for the Food: Tower Grille

Tower Grille

Would you pay more than $10 for this? I wouldn't.

Tower Grille is supposed to be a sports bar and grill. Instead, it touts itself as a “grille.” Hey, owners: maybe that superfluous “e” is supposed to make the place look fancier, but: 1. Who wants to go to a fancy sports bar? I thought the whole point of a sports bar was to kick back and chill with your buddies, watching the game. Also, 2. A grille is that metal thing on the front of your car that gets caked with dead bugs on a road trip.


Now THAT'S a grille.

I think it’s really pretentious when people try to make things fancy and only end up exposing their own ignorance. That kind of sums up my impression of the Tower GRILL (because that’s what it actually is, folks).

Maybe it’s because I’m too poor to hang with the type of people who live in Danville, but I thought that this place was way overpriced.

The food was decent; I had the sliders and the garlic fries. They were tasty, but hardly worth paying more than ten bucks for. It’s a good thing that my friend, who has the salary to hang in Danville, footed the bill, God bless him and his generous heart.

My friends and I were chatting when we suddenly heard a loud cheer go up from the bar. I thought that someone had slam-dunked in a basketball game or something, but NOOOOO. Here at the Tower GrillE, people lose their heads cheering because Tiger Woods sank an eagle on the fourteenth hole in his first tournament since the giant adultery scandal. What kind of sports bar has people cheering over GOLF? Is that, like, a Northern California thing?

Tiger Woods

You paid HOW much for a burger and fries?

The Tower GRILL is the type of place that makes you feel guilty for ordering a soda because there are kids starving in Africa, and here you are paying more than two bucks for a glass of Diet Coke. The food might be decent, but, overall, it’s not worth it.

Tower Grille
301 Hartz Avenue, Suite 103
Danville, CA 94526
(925) 820-6996

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