I’m Just Here for the Food: Flame Broiler

chicken veggie bowl

Fast food done right.

Flame Broiler is an unassuming little spot in the back of a big plaza. I rarely visit that plaza; I usually stop at the Coffee Bean across the street and never make it any farther down Spring Street. But my sister stopped here to pick up lunch one day, and came home raving about it. And, one day, she treated me to dinner, on the condition that we go to Flame Broiler.

We both got the regular Chicken Veggie Bowl with brown rice. I love that they offer you the option of brown rice. I personally prefer the nuttiness and texture of brown rice to white.

brown rice

If it's brown, wolf it down.

I was bowled over by just how much chicken comes with this bowl. At most other teriyaki-type places, I usually end up eating a lot of veggies and rice first, just so that I have enough chicken to last me to the end of the meal. But about a quarter of the way through eating my Flame Broiler bowl, I realized that I was overwhelmed with chicken and would have to start eating it so that I wasn’t left with half a bowl of chicken at the end of my meal!

The portions are generous, and dirt-cheap. I believe there’s a Sunday afternoon special that scores you a bowl and a drink for $5. Unbelievable!!

They may not have a drive-thru, but they cook FAST. My meal was ready to go in less than five minutes from the time I ordered it.

McDonald's fries

Delicious, but deadly. Confession: I love them anyway. But only on occasion, now that I have better options.

Even fast food is expensive nowadays. Many of the so-called “Extra Value Meals” at McDonald’s run you more than $5 these days. For the money, Flame Broiler is a much better value, and their food won’t give you cancer, diabetes, or a heart condition, either. It’s a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional fast food.

Flame Broiler
6528 E. Spring Street
Long Beach, CA 90815
(562) 420-6201

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