I’m Just Here for the Food: John’s Hamburgers

john's hamburgers

Would that I could reach through my computer screen and grabs me a zucchini spear...

I have a soft spot for John’s. When I was eight, my family started going to church. Every once in a while, my parents would give us money, and we’d go with our friends to John’s on Cerritos and Denni in Cypress, which was just down the street from our church. To this day, eating at John’s reminds me of Sunday afternoon, hanging out with my friends (most of whom I still see every Sunday).

When they opened a John’s in my neighborhood, I was ecstatic: CHILI CHEESE FRIES every day!!

The quality of the food at this location is the exact same as the quality of food that I used to get at the old Cypress location. I love their Chili Cheese Fries and Fried Zucchini. Their burgersare all excellent, and their Club Sandwich is an old favorite. I used to eat their Fish Sandwich one layer at a time because it was so thick. I also love the Pastrami Sandwich.

Now, the food is a touch expensive, but it’s worth supporting a local small business.

John’s is the taste of growing up to me, and I’ll always have a soft spot for it. Now, excuse me. I think I want one of their famous Breakfast Burritos right about now.

John’s Hamburgers
622 E. Spring Street
Long Beach, CA 90808
(562) 421-3663


  1. jules Said:

    I can’t believe they opened another “john’s”- love that place.

    • Jelinas Said:

      Seriously!! Nostalgia with every order, too. 🙂

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