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My Funny Family: My Father, the Chef(e?)

My father, as most of you know, is an artiste. But I had no idea that he was also an aspiring chef.

The other day, I came home from a long day of working and running errands. I got home and headed straight to the fridge, looking for something to eat. Our fridge is interesting. It’s always packed full of stuff and, yet, there’s never anything to eat. I was about to give up and nuke myself a Cup o’ Noodles when my dad wandered into the kitchen.

Dad: You eat?
Me: Yeah, I’m trying to figure out what I want to eat.
Dad: (enthusiastically) Eat chicken soup. I make chicken soup. Really good. I make really good. You try.
Me: (eyeing the contents of the fridge desperately) Um… okay. Maybe.
Dad: (more to himself than to me) Really good.

Well, after peering hopelessly into our fridge for a while, I gave up and decided to give my dad’s soup a try.

I walked to the stove and removed the top of the pot. This is what I found there.

Dad's Chickene Soupe

Dad's Chickene Soupe

You know, Cup o’ Noodles is pretty good if you add a little sriracha.