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Olive Yu: Chapters 18-21

So, NaNoWriMo is finally over.

Unfortunately, OYMAS is not.

But, fortunately, I was still able to hit 50,000 words before midnight last night.

Unfortunately, I was pasting in my final word count, but I goofed and only pasted the last chapter. So instead of going from 49,381 words to 51,189 words, I got flushed down to 1,981 instead.

Fortunately, the lovely people at NaNo understand what it’s like to function on a fried brain at midnight on November 30th after a month of feverish writing. They manually updated my word count to 51,189.

Which means that I am a:


Thanks to everyone who’s been reading these. Thanks to everyone who’s been commenting on them — which really only pertains to my friend Rosie, who is special and gets them e-mailed directly to her.

Anyway, if you have been reading and like what you’ve seen so far, rest assured that Chapter 21 is not the end. I figure I’ve got four or five chapters left to go before this is over — six, if I decide to do the epilogue.

So, for those who care, here are the results of my marathon writing session this weekend:

Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21

Olive Yu: Chapter 17

Yellowstone is the coolest place in the United States. I challenge you to find a cooler place.

Chapter 17. And if you’ve never been to Yellowstone, make plans to go immediately.

Olive Yu: Chapter 16

Ooh, we’re comin’ up on one of my favorite places in America: Yellowstone!!

Chapter 16 for your reading pleasure. 🙂

Olive Yu: Chapter 15

I am going to be a zombie by the end of this weekend, but I am bound and determined to finish on time.


Chapter 15. I’m going to bed.

Olive Yu: Chapter 14

I can’t believe I have less than a week left to write the rest of this story.

Chapter 14. God help me.

Olive Yu: Chapter 13

I am so sleepy. Writing this novel and prepping for a bridal shower has been absolutely brutal.

With no further ado, Chapter 13.

Olive Yu: Chapter 12

It’s a pretty Grand Canyon. If you’ve never been, you should totally go.

Chapter 12, for your perusal.

Olive Yu: Chapter 11

Just to be perfectly clear, nothing like this has ever happened to my father.

Something similar happened to me, once, though. And my sister, too.

Chapter 11. It’s all yours. 🙂

Olive Yu: Chapter Ten

I’m halfway through!!

Chapter Ten is neato-completo.

Olive Yu: Chapter Nine

Sorry about the delay — this one turned out to be a long chapter.

Chapter 9. What happens in Chapter 9 stays in Chapter 9.

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